Bespoke Greeting Cards

Custom greeting cards unique to your business

My bespoke greeting card service is a unique way to connect with your clients. I will design and manufacture luxury greeting cards that reflect the best of your business, reinforce your brand and strengthen your relationship with clients.

This is a premium service that makes the most of my skills as a designer. As part of the design package I will collaborate with you closely, from producing multiple design sketches to completing, revising and refining the final design.

Note that I produce animal artwork, and any designs I create will feature animals. Any bespoke greeting cards I create may not be sold commercially without my prior agreement. 

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The Design Process

I’ve developed a design process that produces work of the highest quality. Here are the stages involved in creating your bespoke greeting card:

  • Initial Consultation

    We’ll kick off with a chat, over zoom or email, about what you’re looking for and what I think will work best. We’ll agree a direction for your design to take, and I’ll send over a quote.

  • Research + Creative Development

    Next, after looking through your brand guidelines and any other relevant branding documentation, I’ll research and develop possible ideas and run them by you for approval.

  • Design Sketches

    I’ll then produce three sketches for possible designs.

  • Sketch Revisions

    When you’ve reviewed the sketches, I’ll revise one of them to incorporate any feedback you might have. This will finalise the basic design.

  • Ink Drawing

    After you’ve approved the final sketch, I’ll draw it with pen and ink. Depending on their complexity, the drawings for my greeting cards can take up to 15-20 hours. As they’re drawn with permanent ink, they can’t be altered once they’re completed.

  • Digital Drawing

    I’ll then scan the ink drawing and add colour to it digitally, as well as adding any text, logos and layout features.

  • Digital Revisions

    If you’d like any alterations to the digital elements of the design, I’ll make those before arriving at the final, print-ready design.

  • Print Proofing

    With the design finalised, I’ll have physical samples of it printed to ensure that the colours, scale and design all translate effectively to the physical product.

  • Card Production + Delivery

    Finally, I’ll manufacture the cards, package them according to your specifications and have them delivered to an address of your choosing. I’m able to deliver cards internationally – note that customs and import fees may apply at the border. 

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